Our Educational Garden, inspired by the popular German open air kindergartens, is an
excellent choice for people who would like their children to spend their time actively, out in the
fresh air, in surroundings that encourage many levels of development. It is open all year round
and offers care and education for children aged 3 to 6 years.

Freedom to learn: During their time in the Educational Garden children discover its secrets and learn about the world at first hand. We accompany them in this exploration, help them, talk to them, but do not impose our ideas of what they should do on them. We believe that children naturally develop their individual talents and potential when allowed the time and opportunity to do so.

Natural surroundings: In the Educational Garden children have the opportunity to discover interesting places like the orchard, the snail- shaped herb garden, the hotel for insects, the water pump with sandpit, the outdoor kitchen, and many other natural attractions. This environment gives children the necessary freedom for their imaginations to be stimulated and also gives ample opportunity for uninhibited fun, which is, after all, one of the best ways to learn.

Health and resistance to infection: Fresh air and a high level of physical activity is the best way to build natural immunity in a child!

Personal development: Whilst playing in the Educational Garden children have the opportunity to make their own choices; this develops a sense of personal responsibility, stimulates critical thinking and shapes a healthy self-esteem. Being in a group develops social and individual skills. The self-reliance learned through meeting challenges and the natural, specially prepared environment, stimulate the all-round development of the child.

Respect: We carry out our work with great passion and commitment. We are inspired by the ideas of well-known and respected worldwide authorities in the field of education and childcare. The main value, which guides us when working with children is that of respect for, and an attitude of partnership towards, the young child. We respect the needs of our charges, but also their way of looking at the world and have a desire to get to know each individual.

To teach tolerance and openness we will invite English-speaking volunteers from different countries thus providing a natural way for children to learn English.


From May 2017. we welcome children from 3 to 5 years old to the Educational Garden for a 6-hour stay (9am to 3pm), and from September 2017, for an 8-hour stay (from 8:00 to 16:00). Recruitment for the group starts in April. Interested parents please contact us by email:
or by phone: 605 673 418, 515 079 075.


The tuition fee from May will be 650 zlotys. This is a monthly fee for the 6-hour child stay in the
Educational Garden from Monday to Friday.

The tuition fee from September will be 800 zlotys. This is a monthly fee for the 8-hour child stay in the Educational Garden from Monday to Friday.