The Association “Friends of the Treasure House of Gems Kindergarten” was established with the aim of supporting the process of creating the „Treasure House of Gems” kindergarten by assisting in the realization of its activities and undertakings, and ensuring its on going development into a place that welcomes families and encourages educational and social initiatives.

Awareness of the huge challenges connected to the economic side of the project, mobilized the friends and supporters of the kindergarten’s vision to create an Association in order to help complete the establishment of the project. Members of the Association include both those who are directly associated with establishing the kindergarten, as well as friends who sympathize with the philosophy that a child should be regarded as a participant in his/her own education and the teacher seen as a companion in the education process. The help and support of the Association will provide the opportunity to accelerate the implementation of the project:

• To complete the building so that the kindergarten can start operating.

• To support a variety of activities in the future that will benefit children, families and the local environment.

Nr konta bankowego Stowarzyszenia: 32124039271111001061625704 Bank Polska Kasa Opieki SA

For people from outside Poland IBAN/SWIFT codes might be needed:

Nr IBAN: 89 1240 3927 1978 0010 0167 4933   


Posiadacz rachunku: Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Przedszkola „wp Klejnotów”, Żółkowskiego 8/2, 70-436 Szczecin.

Statut of Assocition