Educational garden offer is HERE.

We offer our children:

• a favourable environment for creativity that stimulates all aspects of their development and takes into account their individual characteristics and needs

• independence in an environment in which they can make autonomous decisions about their own needs eg. regarding food, sleep, hygiene etc.

• the opportunity to develop social and individual skills

• the opportunity to develop critical thinking by allowing them to make their own choices and engage in activities resulting from personal choice and predisposition without having restrictions imposed by others

• support in their individual development by encouraging a healthy self-esteem

• experiences that encourage an awareness of the environment we live in and an understanding of our responsibility towards it

We offer families:

• support, assistance and collaboration

• workshops and training

• participation in the life of the kindergarten

• one-to-one consultations

In order to teach tolerance and openness, we will invite the cooperation of English-speaking volunteers from different countries. In this way different languages will be a natural feature of daily life for the children.