Address: Przedszkole Niepubliczne wp Klejnotów.
Wołczkowo, ul. Ogrodowa 1b.

Ela Stewart

I have been interested in all matters related to education and upbringing ever since I became a mother. After my postgraduate studies (pedagogical preparation) that included practice in the kindergarten Wilde 9 in Greifswald, Germany, I became aware that a new quality of relationship between children and adults is possible.

Aneta Wszołek

I am the mother of two children and have several years of experience working with children of all ages. I’m fascinated by the idea of working with the child in partnership. I enjoy learning and exploring the world together, with the child.

Ala Mazur

I am a graduate of the Department of Preschool and Early Childhood Education at the University of Szczecin. My studies convinced me that I had found my passion in life:  to accompany children in their development.