We are a group of friends who, since 2008, have been planning, preparing and implementing the construction of a kindergarten „Treasure House of Gems”.

From the very beginning, we have been guided by the understanding that children are active participants in their own education and that the teacher is their companion. In the process of investigating the many approaches to child education that are to be found, and in deepening our understanding, we have come to appreciate many of the ideas of educators such as Jesper Juul, Maria Montessori and Emmi Pikler, amongst others. Guided by their views, and our own experience, we are developing a kindergarten in a natural rural setting, allowing for unrestricted access to the outdoors, and are creating a place where children will be able to experiment, experience, and grow at their own pace, in accordance with their own abilities. It is of the highest priority for us to create an environment that respects the individual’s emotional need to be accepted – the most important prerequisite for a sustainable process of education. We wish to support those families who would like to introduce a new form of equality and responsibility into their family life, and we invite all those individuals, institutions and organizations who are interested in how best to raise a happy, independent, and balanced family, to undertake this journey of exploration with us.

Presentation About Us